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Submitting sitemaps on deploy with Netlify
There's plenty of static site generators out there, and most support generating sitemaps. To make sure google indexes your pages as quickly as possible, it's a good idea to ping them with your sitemap when it's updated. Netlify provides some hooks which can be used to run functions once the deploy is complete. This allows us to ping google when production is deployed.
Super simple start to serverless
Easily create server code without worrying about managing servers yourself
December 7, 2019
Serverless Mailing Lists - Unlimited Email Sign-Ups for Free
Create a simple serverless function to collect email from your users for free without external tools
November 6, 2019
Netlify Dev + Serverless Functions + MailChimp Subscribe Form Tutorial
Create a working serverless function hosted on Netlify, automatically built and deployed every time you push to git, that you can use on your static site to add subscriber emails directly to MailChimp
September 10, 2019
How to use Netlify Functions in Elm
This worked example creates a simple Netlify Function and integrates it with an Elm application.
August 28, 2019
Handling Static Forms, Auth & Serverless Functions with Gatsby on Netlify
Supercharge your static site with forms, password-protected authentication, and AWS Lambda functions.
April 25, 2019
CSSTricks: Netlify Functions for Sending Emails
Let's say you're rocking a JAMstack-style site (no server-side languages in use), but you want to do something rather dynamic like send an email. Not a problem! That's the whole point of JAMstack.
April 23, 2019
Circumventing CORS with Netlify Functions & Nodejs
I needed to consume a third-party API that hadn’t been properly configured with the appropriate CORS headers. Rather than track down the API author, I decided to take this as an opportunity to experiment with a serverless pattern
April 19, 2019
How to send text messages from your static site using Netlify, Twilio and serverless functions
In this article, I want to share how you can create and deploy a scalable static site on Netlify and how you can use serverless functions to send text messages using Twilio.
April 01, 2019
Debugging Netlify Function Errors with Sentry
How to set up, debug and monitor Netlify Functions with
Jan 23, 2019
Building a Serverless JAMStack app with FaunaDB Cloud: Part 1
How to use FaunaDB & Netlify functions & identity for CRUD applications
Jan 23, 2019
Adding Emotional Tone Analysis to Your Contact Form
How to use IBM Watson Tone Analyzer & Netlify functions for sentiment analysis on forms
Jan 18, 2019
Syndicating Content with Netlify functions
How to automatically publish content from a static site on Twitter, using Eleventy and Netlify's lambda functions
Jan 06, 2019
Write and Deploy Your First Serverless Function in 10 Minutes, or Less
I heard about Netlify supports lambda functions, and decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, the process was super simple, and my serverless function was up and running within minutes!
Jan 2, 2019
Netlify Lambda Functions tutorial
How to use Netlify Lambda Functions and add dynamic processing to JAMstack sites
Dec 28, 2018
Dynamic Static Sites with Netlify Functions & iOS Shortcuts
Share data from iOS Shortcuts to my Netlify site
Nov 12, 2018
Build and Deploy a Serverless Function to Netlify
Recently, Netlify has become one of the most popular hosts in Web Development. Netlify offers an incredible variety of features like serverless (lambda) functions
October 31, 2018
Deploy a fullstack Apollo app with Netlify
How to run your API using Netlify Functions on AWS Lambda
Sep 13, 2018
How to submit forms on a static website with VueJS and Netlify functions
How you could submit forms, like a contact form, on that serverless architecture
Sep 12, 2018
Express.js on Netlify
How to run express via Netlify functions
Sep 8, 2018
Building a Serverless Comment System with Netlify Functions, Storyblok and Vue.js
Build a Serverless comment system powered by Netlify Functions and we’ll use the headless CMS Storyblok as a database
August 5, 2018
Get Data from MongoDB with Netlify Functions Lambda
Learn how to query a database instance and return data without a backend server
July 31, 2018
Building Serverless CRUD apps with Netlify Functions & FaunaDB
This tutorial demonstrates how to build a CRUD backend using Netlify serverless functions and FaunaDB as the datastore.
July 7, 2018
Forms, Auth and Serverless Functions on Gatsby and Netlify
Authenicated functions and Gatsby
May 31, 2018
Netlify Lambdas - As simple as possible
A minimal approach to successfully deploy an AWS Lambda on Netlify
May 5, 2018
Telegram Bot on Netlify Functions
Building a simple telegram echo bot built using golang and Netlify Functions
April 7, 2018
Sending WebSub notifications from static sites using Netlify functions
How to send notifications through protocols like WebSub with serverless functions
February 13, 2018
Building a Lambda Function with Netlify
Process payments via Stripe + serverless functions
February 12, 2018
Making the static dynamic: Instagram Importer
Automatically rebuild static sites when a new instagram post is found
February 12, 2018