Function Examples(83)

Create React App with baked in Netlify functions support
react, starter
How to protected & scoped down functions to specific users
Verify an Okta token with Go
Sends a question submitted from HTML question form via AWS SES. This example connects to an external AWS account
email, aws
stripe payment processing
payment, ecommerce
Filter form spam and send to Zapier webhook
zapier, spam
send email via nodemailer
send email via sendgrid
Serve entire site via Netlify functions + dynamic serverside HTML rendering
List files from google drive API
Ping Superfeedr RSS, Atom, or JSON feeds on successful deploy. Uses event driven functions
Save emails to googlesheets
Handle Ajax & normal form POST submissions via functions
Process form file upload and send to results to trello, slack, & mailgun
email, file-processing
Landing page with mailchimp
email, marketing
Webhook from IFTTT when new Flickr photo with tag #blog create github file and post. Automated photo blog
instagram, github
Tracking bus schedules
Proxy pageviews to google analytics incase google analytics is blocked on the client side
proxy, marketing
proxy arbitrary tracking data to a log management service Loggly
proxy, marketing
DNS lookup of a site
List out objects from cosmicjs
Serverside hashing via crypto
Get the weather via openweathermap
Custom netlify build status in slack
Contentful authless comments
contentful, comments
Token hider api passthrough proxy
Build live interactive video, voice and messaging into your web and mobile apps via tokbox
URL shortening service
Save images to contentful
file-storage, contentful
Grab clips from twitch and insert into postgres database
database, postgres, twitch
Integrate OpenAPI (swagger) specifications and lambda into an easy-to-use routing tier
CSP violations reporting by setting the lambda URL as the CSP report-uri
security, CSP
Scrape mobile twitter HTML to return the URLs of a user avatar
Oauth via intercom
auth, oauth, intercom
Using faunaDB as datastore
database, fauna, crud
Using express with netlify functions
express, ssr
Gating multiple sites with Okta
auth, okta
Post a tweet to Twitter
Functions as zips
Validate emails on Netlify identity signup
auth, identity
Deploying Apollo graphql on netlify functions
Using mongoDB + functions
database, mongo
Handling Static Forms, Auth & Serverless Functions with Gatsby on Netlify
ecommerce, gatsby, auth
Gatsby & Netlify functions stripe store
ecommerce, gatsby, stripe
Netlify + Dropbox using functions + redirects to validate the webhook
Netlify functions + shopify for an ecommerce store
ecommerce, shopify
Netlify functions + primsa + graphql
Fetch Chuck Norris quotes
Netlify functions + subscribe users to mailchimp
email, marketing
Check the weather forcast with bugsnag for debugging
Ping slack on new netlify comments
Using Airtable as a database
database, airtable
Authenication for pusher pub/sub
Example of using AWS s3 as a datastore
database, aws, s3
Return a random emoji
An auth service powered by lambda functions & MongoDB
database, mongo, auth, jwt
Draw raffle winners at your Meetup event via API
Verify phone numbers with Authy SMS
auth, sms
Get the SF BART Station Departures
Search MyAnimeList API
Fetch Rasperry pi URL from dataplicity
Process contact form submission and store in airtable
email, mailgun, airtable, database
Serverless Implementation of GitHub Finder
Dropbox webhook to trigger Netlify builds
Fetch RSS feed from medium
Fetch RSS feed from behance
Send slack channel invites
slack, marketing
Fetch currency rates from eurofxref
Send email with no STMP server via 'sendmail' pkg
get github repos from graphql endpoint
github, graphql
Get current bitcoin prices from
Search and save Zillow results to firebase
Weekly inspirational messages via SMS
saas, ecommerce, stripe, sms
Process a stripe payment
ecommerce, stripe
This is a simple short-url service that works with netlify functions and uses airtable.
Scrape url, parse with cheerio and render new html out
ssr, scraping
Create new user in firebase admin
database, firebase
Get recent instagram posts
Trigger Netlify deploy with password protected function
Shorten links with the API
Get youtube video captions from video ID
Get youtube video data from video ID
Create Identity accounts programatically by hitting the admin endpoint
auth, identity