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Deploying Apollo graphql on Netlify Functions


This project is based on Create React App. (For more information about Create react App, check their full documentation.)

The main addition is a new folder: src/lambda. Each JavaScript file in there will automatically be prepared for Lambda function deployment.

As an example, we've included a small src/lambda/hello.js function, which will be deployed to /.netlify/functions/hello.

Deploy to Netlify

Babel/webpack compilation

All functions are compiled with webpack using the Babel Loader, so you can use modern JavaScript, import npm modules, etc., without any extra setup.

Local Development

Before developing, clone the repository and run yarn from the root of the repo to install all dependencies.

Run the functions dev server

From inside the project folder, run:

yarn start:lambda

This will open a local server running at http://localhost:9000 serving your Lambda functions, updating as you make changes in the src/lambda folder.

You can then access your functions directly at http://localhost:9000/{function_name}, but to access them with the app, you'll need to start the app dev server.

Run the app dev server

While the functions server is still running, open a new terminal tab and run:

yarn start

This will start the normal create-react-app dev server and open your app at http://localhost:3000.

Local in-app requests to the relative path /.netlify/functions/* will automatically be proxied to the local functions dev server.