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Handling OAuth Flows

Using functions to handle OAuth login flows.


Netlify OAuth deploy to netlify

Example of how to use Netlify OAuth Applications

Use cases

Using Netlify OAuth you can create custom experiences using the Netlify Open API.

Here are some use cases:


How it works

Netlify OAuth + Functions


  1. Create and Deploy a new Netlify site

    You can use an this repo

  2. Create OAuth application

    Create your OAuth application in the Netlify admin UI.

    Add in your callback URL. This can be changed later.


  3. After creating your OAuth app, Click on show credentials

    Save these credentials for the next step


  4. Take your OAuth credentials and add them to your OAuth app site

    Set NETLIFY_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID and NETLIFY_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET environment variables in your site


  5. Then trigger a new deploy


  1. Visit your site and verify the OAuth flow is working